I am Caroline, a mum to be (for the first time) in June 2016. I freelance as a marketing consultant in fashion and luxury, and blog on the changing world of work at as well as writing and illustrating in my spare time. It seemed natural therefore to write about the somewhat scary, but amazing journey that pregnancy takes you on.

I'm 18 weeks into my pregnancy as I start this, but I've already had a billion questions that I wanted answers to, and as someone who is a natural researcher, I've found some great resources that I thought others might find useful. 

This blog will by no means be a comprehensive guide to all things pregnancy, and everything here will be written in terms of my opinion, building on information I've found. However, if you're a mum who is keen to find a way to navigate this whole thing and somehow keep your own personality, interests and priorities along the way - whether it's your sense of style as you find clothes to fit you over the 9 months, or working out your own way to structure work alongside childcare, or even just ways to find mums that are aligned with your interests, then hopefully some of this might be useful to you....thanks for reading. 

Caroline x 


Photo credit: The amazing Clare Keylock (and my sister-in-law) who runs her own photography business and managed to take a photo-shy lady (me) and make me look ok...